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Choose from our demo websites which we will customise with your content, an affordable website solution while we stand by you to build and develop your online business. 


- websites

Rent a Website with Rent a Site

Static Websites

Our static sites represents a modern multi section single page or a multi page website to represent your business, including custom blog function.  Designed to the latest trends and includes a great look and feel in design. 

Portfolio Websites

Following the latest Google requirements to present yourself as authentic and a subject matter expert with blog articles to represent your expertise. The new portfolio sites is a must for gaining traction into the new digital arena.

Ecommerce Websites

From single product sites to large ecommerce platforms, we have it all covered with various features to enhance the effectiveness of your site. Take online payments and grow your business with an online presence.

LMS Websites

A complete Learning Management System built for online courses with loads of features to enhance the student experience and turn your courses into a professional online business.

Dynamic Content Websites

The content changes based on the data input. Using custom posts and listing grids we can generate portfolio pages, Includes online bookings and appointments, advanced custom post for listing sited and advanced filtering functions. These sites include dynamic functions for a professional edge to your business.

Combo Websites

The divergent choice of moving or extending in different directions from a common point with three different websites towards a common goal. A decentralised model to grow your business.

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Rent a Site

is for you
- if:
YOU WANT TO avoid upfront development costs

Whatever your reason, whether you are cash strapped or using your capital elsewhere to profit your business. We kept you in mind when we designed our business. We will host, build and customise your website at our own risk and no strings attached.

YOU PREFER paying a monthly fee instead

A monthly fee is far more achievable than huge setup costs. Your Rent a Site includes a complete website with all the necessary bell and whistles, your hosting, your domain, monthly maintenance, technical support and a lot more. 

Rent A Site Web Develeopment
Rent A Site Web Develeopment


1 Choose your Demo Site

Choose the right website for your new online business from our demo sites which we will customise with your content and graphics. Contact us to assist.

2 A Domain Name

When you set up your hosting account with us, you will be required to register a domain name for your website. Give this some thought in the meanwhile.

3 Hosting Account

When you sign up, you will be guided through the simple process of creating your hosting account with us. 

4 Website Content

You must provide us with the content and the graphics for your website. A developer will contact you to assist you through the process.

5 3rd Party Registrations

When it comes to things like payment gateway merchant accounts or mailing accounts, we will show you what needs to be done.

From a website to online business
go to market


Grow your effectiveness
counter1.svgGoogle Listing & Analytics

There are some basics that needs to be set up for Google to know about your website.

counter2.svgSearch Engine Optimisation

Formulating your content to line up with Google search results and Google’s AI Algorytm.

counter3.svgMarketing on Social Networks

The correct setup, integration and interaction with your website to grow your online presence.

counter4.svgGoogle & Facebook Advertising

With the ground work done, stepping into the advertising arena with the big boys.

What People Say
Thanks to the Rent a Site Technical team, when you need them they are always available. They took over our international training platform and developed an additional 150 websites representing 22 countries. Currently they are developing a new high tech system for us which is extremely exciting.
Andre vd westhuizen
Untitled design (49)
The technical team developed four new websites for us that seamlessly integrate with one another. The new automation handles all our association member registrations with various functions for our business and took away 90% of our administration. The Rent a Site option were intruduced to all our members with astonishing results.
Dr. Trudie Bartholomew
Translife Health CEO
These guys are great. A company with professional and talented experts. I worked with several of them and I can say, they know their job perfectly. Thanks to the Rent a Site Team. I've successfully got my internet business off the ground.
Andrew Ndlovo
African Exports CEO
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