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Google Starter Pack
Setting up the basics for Google Listing
R 550.00

With our Google Starter Pack, we will get your website listed with Google and do the necessary integrations for Google to start indexing your website. These are only the basics but it’s what Google requires to know about your website.

Once the basics are in place you will be able to know where your traffic comes from and what are the main search phrases used to find you on the internet. This data is important when it comes to fine-tuning your SEO and for advertising.

Getting the basics set up with our Google Starter Pack is an absolute must when you start utilising your web presence.

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Integrate your website with Facebook
R 999.00

With our Facebook Starter Pack, we will help you with your page setup whether it’s a new page or making sure your existing page is functioning correctly. We will then make the graphics that fit the look of your website. Integrating your website with Facebook ads credibility to your Google Analytics so we recommend that you integrate new blog posts to be automatically posted to your Facebook Page as well as integrating your products with Facebook.

Facebook Pixel will come in very handy once you start driving traffic from Facebook to your website to monitor the effectiveness of your website especially once you start with Facebook advertising.


Setting Up Your Free Mailchimp Account
R 550.00

Mailchimp setup can be done by yourself but you need to be at least computer-savvy because it can be tricky to set up. That’s why we offer this service to set up your Mailchimp account for you.

Mailchimp is free for the first 2000 subscribers and integrates with Facebook to set up a custom audience once you start with Facebook marketing. Your free Mailchimp account can be used for newsletter subscribers from your website and we will set up a thank you and autoresponder. We will also create a custom template for a newsletter that can be sent out regularly. Once everything is set up and integrated with your website, you can post a newsletter. We will provide you with an easy to follow instruction video to send out newsletters from Mailchimp.

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Setting up the basics for SEO
R 1999.00

Setting up Search Engine Optimisation can be a matter of how long is a string and can go way over the top. Our SEO starter pack includes all the basics for an acceptable page and overall site score.

This is a time-consuming exercise that requires several components to work together for a good and acceptable SEO score. Each page or post structure must be set up individually with all the bells and whistles for your content to be read by Google in the way that Google requires.


Automate articles posted to your email subscribers
R 700.00

To manually post your articles to your newsletter subscribers can become a time consuming exercise especially when posting on a regular basis. This can be automated between your website and Mailchimp. When you then post an article on your website, it automatically gets send to all your email subscribers.

What might sound like an easy function. The actual setup gets a bit complicated, to set up the correct workflow for content to pull through from your website to your newsletters. If you are not technically knowledgeable enough for this task, we can do it for you and will take about two hours.

Our addon services are there to save you time.  Certain self-help assistance is also available from our training platform at HelloWordPress.  Several additional addon solutions can be explored such as learning how to manage certain aspects of your website.