Rent A Site Web Develeopment
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How to get your Rent a Site website

Once you have opened your account, our friendly technical staff will contact you within 24 hours. One of our developers will be assigned to your account to build your website for you and keep you up to date throughout the entire startup process.

Website Startup
Rent A Site Web Develeopment


1 Choose your Demo Site

Choose the right website for your new online business and if you have any questions, just give our technical team a call.

2 A Domain Name

When you set up your hosting account with us, you will be required to register a domain name for your website. Give this some thought in the meanwhile.

3 Hosting Account

When you sign up, you will be guided through the simple process of creating your account with us. 

4 Website Content

You must provide us with the content and the graphics for your website. A developer will contact you to assist you through the process.

5 3rd Party Registrations

When it comes to things like payment gateway merchant accounts or mailing accounts, we will show you what needs to be done.


Your Demo Site

Never build your business model around the functions that are available inside a website. First, determine what you want to achieve with your website and then find the functions that match your business requirements. If you do not find what you are looking for, talk to us regarding a custom developed website


Domain Name

You will be required to register or transfer a domain as part of the account setup. It’s recommended that you do some reading on how to choose a domain name before you start. Keep things simple, short relevant and easy to spell when choosing your domain.

Domain Name

A domain name is included in your monthly fee. If you require an international extension, the relevant cost will be added to your cart during registration. You can search for an available domain name on our website at GoPeter Hosting.


Your Account

Your website will require a hosting account and the package is determined by the storage space you are going to need. We have our own web hosting platform at GoPeter Hosting and do not provide our website rentals on other hosting platforms. If you already have a registered domain that you want to use, you can transfer your domain to us for your new website.

Hosting Package

We recommend that you start small and only when necessary to upgrade to a different package. When choosing a template, simply click on the subscribe button you which will be the smallest option within that category. If you require a bigger package, view all the options from our price page.

Personal Information

Your details will be used to register your domain name in your name with the domain registrar. Please make sure all information is correct. Please use an email address that you will always have access to. Should you need to transfer your domain in the future, the transfer ticket will be sent to this email. The best practice would be to use your Gmail address.


Domain registration and account setup is automated and only gets processed upon payment. Accounts are payable monthly on the same date of registration. 



Your website can stay as it is or  be customised using a 3-colour scheme, your images and your written content. Please ensure your spelling and grammar is correct. We do allow minor changes during startup, major changes might require development that can be done separately to be charged at an hourly rate.

Written Content

The headings and paragraphs throughout your website will be the same as on the demo website of your choice. You can already start to put your written content together per page, on a text or word document as plain text without any fancy formatting.

Graphic Design

You can have the best product but when packaged badly it does not sell. The same counts for a website. It is worth the investment to obtain professional images from a graphic designer. We will provide you with a list of graphics requirements for your website. If you require assistance, we do offer graphic design as an additional service.

Products & Posts

Once your website is finished, you can start loading your products, posts and post types yourself. We will provide you with an instructional video to cover each aspect step by step. For bulk upload of large quantities of products, please speak to your developer that can import your products with a .csv file during startup.



To enhance the effectiveness of your website there are several 3rd party applications you might want to consider. Most of these 3rd party application can be set up yourself and all we need is the integration keys. If you are a non-techie and need some assistance with setting things up from your side, you can talk to your website developer. We also have several “go to market services” available to improve the functionalities of your website.

Google Listing

You will need a Google account. We will provide you with really easy to follow instructions to list verify ownership of your domain name.

Payment Gateway

We use Yoco or Payfast for processing payments in South African Rand. It will be required that you open one of these accounts if you are going to do online transactions on your website.

Mailchimp Account

If you are going to use a Newsletter mailing list you will need a FREE Mailchimp account that can manage 2000 subscribers. We recommend Mailchimp that can later-on integrate with Facebook for a custom audience that will be used for Facebook advertising. 

If you are unsure of what is expected from your side and need some assistance or you require clarity on something
please contact our support team for